"Experience your private residence with serenity"

Monsieur Alexandre Property Management & Conciergerie Service is an agency specialized into managing exceptional properties, It offers you customised services, adapted to your requirements. . Trained for several years in the excellence of the luxury hotel industry, we are at your disposal to understand and adapt our services to your  needs.

With us, free yourself from the issues and obligations caused by distance management of your home. As experts in  coordination, we individualize each intervention for your complete satisfaction. Finally, take advantage of our privileged support based onavailability and confidentiality. We are reactive and we offer adjusted services to our residents in search of exclusivity.

Monsieur Alexandre takes care of your property so that you can avoid difficulties. From now on, enjoy the peace of mind.

Property management

Our agency looks after your property all year round. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we focus our full  attention on it. Assisted by carefully selected partners we ensure the perfect management of your home. Regular visits along with efficient communication enable you to have an optimized follow-up of your property as if you were here.

Our know-how, based on  experience and la transparency will allow you to finally have confidence. Make Monsieur Alexandre the manager of the residence that is really important to you. Thanks to our quality controls, no more inconveniences each time you come to Le Golfe de Saint-Tropez.

Conciergerie service

Anticipating your needs and satisfying your desires are our main missions. We offer all our residents a personal and exclusive service on a daily basis. All your requests will be handled by a privileged interlocutor with the unique objective of satisfying all your expectations.

We are pleased to help you to discover intimate addresses, where the small kindnesses of our partners make thedifference. With our in-depth knowledge of the Golfe de Saint-Tropez, all your wishes will be fulfilled.

We take care of every booking and of the organisation of every event. Learn to enjoy your day very easily.
Monsieur Alexandre Conciergerie Sevices turns an ordinary thing into an extraordinary moment.

Your guests

Whether it's your family, friends or guests, it's never easy to make your home accessible remotely. Don't worry, your property is in  good hands , we make sure everyone is  happy . From the organization of an  individual checking  in to each checking out, we master the art of hospitality. Our in-depth  knowledge  of your property allows us to provide you with an optimized and quality follow-up. Your  prerogatives  will be our guidelines to keep your  property exclusive .

We take care of the coordination of each of your rentals so that everyone enjoys an exceptional stay. As experienced hoteliers, our sense of hospitality guarantees you safety and responsiveness. Your residents are also our guests, and together we offer them a brand-new refinement. With Monsieur Alexandre, win loyal guests thanks to your property.

You want the word "residence" to mean "holiday" only ?