Property Management

Coordination of interventions

Scheduling service providers in advance of your arrival is not always easy. The quality of the maintenance work does not always meet your requirements. Or you may simply don't want to deal with it anymore.

Monsieur Alexandre Property Management offers you his assistance. The management of maintenance contracts being part of our competences, with us, be confident.

Surrounded by local actors carefully selected according to values common to ours, especially being passionate about well-done work, you will appreciate your peace of mind. Whether it's for exterior maintenance, pool maintenance, property cleaning or any other special requirements, we have qualified partners. We organise and check each intervention to guarantee your satisfaction.


The quality of a local service

We take care of your property on a daily basis, straight from the ground. Depending on the formula you have chosen, your property is regularly inspected. All key points are checked, mail is collected, plants are watered and all rooms are aired. Enjoy hotel standards adapted to your private residence.

To make you feel even better, our concierge service answers your every needs.

Monsieur Alexandre Property Management, facilitator of each of your stays in the South of France

Calling on Monsieur Alexandre Property Management means anticipating all failures. Based on a thorough knowledge of your home, we pay attention to every detail. Before your arrival, your home is prepared as if you had never left it. Thanks to regular checks, all your equipment is ready to be used. Entrusting your property to us means learning to enjoy every sunny day.

Follow-up of the works

Supervising a construction site from a distance is sometimes a daunting task. Whether it is for a construction, a renovation or simply a repair, each intervention involves complications. If you want deadlines to be respected, quotations to be measured or quality work to be achieved, Monsieur Alexandre is your ally. With us, you have the possibility to compare and decide who will access your property.

We suggest companies whose regularity and, above all, responsiveness we are sure of. Thanks to our proximity, you have regular follow-up and a report of each site meeting. If necessary, accompanied by a qualified project manager, we coordinate your work so that you can appreciate the quality of the results.

Drive with confidence

The prolonged immobilisation of a vehicle often entails costs. A car that won't start, a flat tyre - these are often the results of months of downtime. Take your mind off these worries and drive safely.

With Monsieur Alexandre you get the right formula for your vehicles.

From checking key points to managing revisions , from starting to cleaning, we take care of every task. Whether it's a Mehari, a Mini or even a Ferrari, you don't have to worry about anything , we take care of the maintenance . Opting for our services means no more complications. Choosing us is a guarantee that you will be able to start your car at the first key stroke.